Huyen is originally from Vietnam and has been studying broad in the States for more than 6 years. She graduated from University of Houston with her BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. After that, she spent a year back in her home country to work with Unilever Vietnam as International Marketing Management Trainee. Currently, Huyen is doing her Masters in Project Management. Huyen is excited to start her Kiva Fellowship in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam and looking forward to sharpening her professional skills not only in marketing, but also in project management. She hopes to bring a new energy to the team as well as helping more people start their businesses.

Fellows Blog Posts by Huyen Bui

Dec 24, 2013 GO Global Update, VN Vietnam

Dien Bien, the day before Christmas,
Enjoy the road trip to commune
  As I wrap up my fellowship in Vietnam, I guess the best part of being a Kiva fellow that I have experienced so many odd events. Such as, coincidentally celebrated 5-year partnership with Kiva and Fund for Poor Thanh Hoa Women or worked with "latrine experts" at East Meets West. It feels like I relearn everything I knew before, Vietnam under a different perspective. 4 months pass by fast enough to make me realize that I haven’t been able to help... Continue Reading >>

Oct 20, 2013 GO Global Update

Mini fresh market
HDWU Commune Staffs in Lien Mac
Empowering women has been the most concern topic all over the world. In developing countries where there is a huge gap of basic rights between women and men. In Vietnam where rural areas make up 70% of the population for the country, women have less authority in household than men. That's why Vietnam Women's Union has been established since...
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Sep 25, 2013 GO Global Update, VN Vietnam

Hanoi view from the roof top
Departed my family and friends in Ho Chi Minh, my flight arrived to Hanoi at noon, I could feel the heat and humidity even worse than Ho Chi Minh. A cab from airport to downtown Hanoi somehow eased the heat, it was a fixed price trip of 350.000VND (around $15). The host family was so nice, she reminded me of my señora in Salamanca, so welcoming and friendly. That weekend, she took me to her friend's house to make moon cakes. It was my first time experienced with making moon cake...
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