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Oct 12, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Update: This webinar was originally scheduled for October 18, but due to technical difficulties, we have rescheduled it for October 20.
“Why doesn’t Kiva offer loans in X country?”

This is one of the top questions asked to Kiva's Customer Service team. Learn about what issues Kiva has to work through before partnering with certain organizations in specific countries around the world in Part 3 of the Kiva Webinar Series.
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Sep 27, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Kiva is best known for funding loans to help entrepreneurs around the world grow their businesses. We decided to shed some light on what Kiva is doing beyond this to fund non-financial services and non-traditional loans with Part 2 of the Kiva Webinar Series. Our moderator and Sr. Director of Social Performance, JD Bergeron, first explores the loan categories already on Kiva that you can directly fund. He then digs deeper to share the services which you may not realize that you are indirectly supporting such as voluntary savings programs, health care, women’s empowerment, higher...
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Sep 15, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response to Part 1 of the Kiva Webinar Series, Kiva is pleased to continue this series with a focus on what Kiva is doing beyond funding business loans. We posted a survey on our Facebook page and this topic received the most interest by far. Many thanks to all who voted!... Continue Reading >>
Aug 11, 2011
Thank you to all who joined us online for our first Kiva Webinar on How Kiva Chooses...
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Aug 3, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Due to popular demand, Kiva is excited to announce the new Kiva Webinar Series with focus on how Kiva works and its role in microfinance. Special thanks to those of you who voted on a topic for our first ever Kiva Webinar on our facebook page. "How Kiva Chooses its Field Partners" won by a landslide.

Kiva Webinar Series Part 1:
How Kiva Chooses its Field Partners

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