Originally from the Bay Area, Claire graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California in 2013, receiving her dual B.A. in Economics and International Relations Global Business, with an emphasis in International Finance. Her focus has been in microfinance and economic development. She is an enthusiast for scalable social and environmental impact and progress based on pragmatic strategy. Prior to joining the Kiva Zip team, Claire ran a startup social enterprise out of the nonprofit Global Brigades, and led the web and business development teams of the online fundraising platform from a mountain town in Nicaragua. An ardent traveler and global explorer, Claire has taken every opportunity to learn from different cultures and expand her perspective. This has led her to living, studying, working and volunteering in a variety of countries from South and Central America, to Asia and Western Africa. When not traveling or working, she can be found reading, running, hiking or playing sports.