Aurora hails from New England and has a background in communications, systems management and economic development. She first realized her passion for nonprofits leveraging social media while working in web communications at MSF. She is incredibly excited to join the content team at Kiva and explore the juncture of technology and international development more thoroughly. She spent nearly a year working in Tanzania with students and was lucky enough to witness the spirit of small-scale entrepreneurship and how it impacts communities firsthand. She holds a BA from Princeton University where she concentrated in politics and was a member of the varsity swimming and diving team. Aurora is a long-suffering, occasionally jubilant, Arsenal fan and copes with being dog-less by volunteering at the SF SPCA.

Kiva Blog Updates

Mar 5, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
We’re always busy making tweaks to the site to improve the user experience. This process has led to information about our updates and terms of use being scattered in different places across the site. To make it easier to find information about Kiva's programs and features, we’ve updated our Terms of Use to reflect Kiva’s growth and our dedication to making our site serve our lenders’ and borrowers’ needs.
The biggest update to our Terms of Use is to accommodate a new charitable giving option that will facilitate our work with institutional partners....
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Mar 4, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
It’s a hectic morning. It’s pouring rain. Dishes are piled in the sink. You’re running late so you check the traffic report online, turn to throw the dishes in the dishwasher then hop in the car and flick on your windshield wipers. But what if you couldn’t? All these modern necessities (dishwasher, windshield wipers, the computer), conveniences that have wormed their way permanently into our lives, were made possible by female inventors!
Women make amazing things happen, every day, often without much recognition. International Women’s...
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Feb 24, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

Kiva’s lending community has helped improve the lives of more than one million borrowers around the world in the past 8 years. Our lenders are the driving force behind Kiva’s success, so it’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome new faces into that family through an exciting partnership with the HP Company Foundation. 
Beginning February 25, each of HP’s thousands of employees will receive a $25 credit to lend to a small business owner on Kiva.
Together with HP’s employees, we hope...
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Feb 23, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
We’re excited to announce that Kiva and Vittana, a pioneer of higher-education loans in the developing world, are launching an unprecedented partnership that will amplify the reach and impact of crowdfunded loans to students. 

Vittana’s student loans will be redirected to the Kiva website for crowdfunding starting April 2, 2014. Kiva’s platform will allow Vittana’s microfinance partners to access greater amounts of crowdfunded capital and expand their capacity to provide higher-education student loans. 
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Feb 4, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
Kiva Fellows proudly show where they are headed!

A snapshot of Kiva Fellow life during fellows training week: 
Drink coffee, lots of it. Learn more than you brain can hold about the Kiva model. Bond with other fellows headed all over the world. Learn how to check on a borrower’s progress. Get really pumped about all the borrowers you'll get to meet! Quick tutorial on photography. Drink more coffee, you're only getting started…
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Jan 30, 2014
By connecting people we can create relationships beyond financial transactions, and build a global community expressing support and encouragement of one another. -  Premal Shah, President
From the beginning, Kiva set out to foster community on a global scale. And you (all of you!) made that dream a reality. Lenders came together to find new ways to expand Kiva’s reach and borrowers used their loans to bring new opportunities to their communities.
In the coming weeks we want to take time to celebrate...
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Jan 28, 2014 SV El Salvador, GH Ghana, TG Togo

As Kiva’s 23rd Fellows class (KF23) prepares to go out into the field, there are so many questions about the adventures and challenges ahead.  Former Kiva Fellow Juan Barbed’s answer is this exhilarating mash up of his incredible journey, starting in El Salvador and then following him through Ghana and Togo.

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Jan 14, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
Kiva welcomed San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee to headquarters last week to discuss city policies, football and, most importantly, to celebrate the growing relationship between Kiva and the City of San Francisco.
In October, San Francisco became the first municipal Kiva Zip trustee in the country. This partnership allows the city to identify and endorse the smallest of small businesses, who are often overlooked by traditional municipal Small Business Bureaus, for loans up to $5,000 with 0% interest. 
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