"The wonders of Kiva"

While I was developing the business plan I encountered a few challenges to gather the funds necessary to expand my food trucks kitchen and modernize the interior design of the truck.

"Second chances never tasted so good"

Our passion is to create criminally delicious snack foods while building our pipeline of talented employees from the best and the brightest individuals, including those who have previously found their way into the prison system and need a second chance.

"Holy cow! I should do it!"

Our mission and vision is to help people to have an alternative to the shelf-stable, dry, heavily processed, sugary-sweet things that we all frequently snack on.

Albania: A travel love story

Albania has a gigantic, generous heart, and I found it last weekend in the country’s beautiful north. This is a love story. Perhaps not the typical kind of love story, but I promise it's still chock full of the real stuff.

FAQs about the repayment process

Repayments make up the final step in your Kiva journey. To guide you through this process, we've compiled all the information you need to know.

How a beekeeper found hope after the California fires

In the early hours of Oct. 8, residents of Santa Rosa, Calif., awoke to a real-life nightmare as they watched flames cascade over the hills toward their homes.

Meet Ola Smart, CEO of Mountain Lion Ag in Sierra Leone

Forced to go to Guinea in exile for 2 years during the civil war, he returned to his native country that stood almost in total chaos after a long decade of rebel war.

Expanding social impact in Armenia

This story began with an unchaperoned borrower verification trip and ended up with a deep dive into the exciting social enterprise scene in Armenia.

4 ways to improve your loan’s chance of being approved

Every week our review team looks at over 100 loan applications, and we will prioritize loans that meet these four qualifications.

An (a)maize-ing tale: Nigeria’s new farming revolution

Babban Gona is a unique Kiva partner because they do so much more than make loans. They support the farmer during the entire farming cycle.


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