"Kiva has resuscitated my spirit to keep going"

I have had an enterprising streak in me since I was a little girl 

Regina's store in Oakland is a sanctuary for trafficking survivors

“To love in a manner that’s unhindered, that’s not wrapped in fear, that’s visionary and sacred,” Regina Evans says, describing her vision for her role in the world.

"Hills are hard. Shift gears."

It was only after we delivered our first 35 bicycles that I realized how important what we are doing is

"Hold on to your dreams!"

Just when I thought I was at rock bottom, I was introduced to the Kiva team. 

"My transformative journey"

I began reading about and witnessing the power of music for patients having surgery.  This led me in 2005 to create my own company, Surgical Serenity Solutions.  I've been an entrepreneur ever since!

"Joyous entrepreneur"

We help small businesses and start-ups to develop their growth plans.

"Kiva wants you to succeed"

I don't consider myself as an entrepreneur until I start turning a profit!

"Kiva was the catalyst."

I used my Kiva loan to open up access to larger loans.  

"Empower people to live authentically"

My experience with Kiva thus far has been very supportive. Throughout the process of applying for and receiving my Kiva loan, my business was treated like anyone else's.

"The Kiva lending program has definitely helped me get ahead!"

Daily you will find me and my mentor in the studio which has turned into an attraction for our small historic town Cumberland Gap, TN.


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