Above and beyond the call: Mamacitas Cafe

Small businesses usually wait until they’re profitable before they try to do good. But Mamacitas Cafe, a local restaurant in Oakland, Calif., incorporated social responsibility into their DNA from the start. 
“The model is really our core mission. The whole reason for starting the business was to create jobs and leadership opportunities for young women in the community,” Shana, one of the co-founders, shared. “That will always be a constant in how we prioritize business decisions.”

People Want to Help You: How to Get Over Asking People for Loans

This is an updated of a post from April 11, 2016, written by the Co-Founder of Outlaw Soaps, Danielle Vincent


We have a newbie in the Kiva family: MEC Aprovag brings microloans to banana farmers!

MEC Aprovag team

Lebanon: Resilience, Community, and Hospitality

Visiting Borrowers in Biet Ed-Deen, Lebanon

Lender Field Trip: Mexico City, Guest Blog #4: Dignity, Connection and Passion - The Kiva Way

This is part 4 of a 4 part series about Kiva's very first Lender Field trip to Mexico City in February 2017. The author, lender Sonia, is an ordained minister in California who is married with three kids. Sonia is an advocate for affordable housing, after school programs and immigrant rights in Los Angeles County, but remains very passionate about stewardship in the global community.

7 reasons to become a Kiva borrower in the US

Kiva US supports thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in America with microloans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. With 0% interest and no collateral required, Kiva’s platform offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the United States

What could your business do with an extra $10,000? How many improvements could be made? Many entrepreneurs across the country are already taking advantage of Kiva U.S. and here are 7 reasons they decided to ask for a loan. Do any of these cases sound familiar?

How the Prickly Pig got its start: 10 things to do when you launch a food product

Karen Kilkenny - owner of Prickly Pig

Karen Kilkenny, owner and founder of the Prickly Pig, a gourmet food company based in Oakland, CA

A lesson taught by Learner Guides

Today, we are heading off to Morogoro, name given to both the town and its larger district. In fact, our journey ends in a rustic village called Kisemu.

A styleguide for Kiva - now open source

From mid-2015 through mid-2016, Kiva’s product, design and engineering teams took on a sizeable, 3-part challenge:

Beginning Small, Thinking Big: Oneva brings quality in-home care and jobs to San Francisco’s Bay Area

CEO,Oneva,Anita Darden Gardyne


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