"Entrepreneurship is what runs the world"

Volunteering as an Advisor with Kiva has connected me to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

"Kiva saved my butt!"

Sometimes, Kiva helps in ways you never expect.

"My favorite dreamers"

Relentless determination is amazing to me. And the entrepreneurs I lend to or work with personally at Kiva have it. 


"An urgent need to say 'Yes'"

We struggled with what we felt was an inherent ‘no’ built into investment laws written in another era.

"A trusted ally"

Kiva Zip has been an amazing resource to help provide capital people sorely need.

"I truly believed."

I truly believed in Hannah and wanted to help in any way that I could.

"Kiva is connection."

As a lender and Kiva staff member, I get to connect with entrepreneurs in my backyard and all around the U.S.

"The Victor Story"

It’s re-imagining a financial system that’s based on human connections, not on financial transactions; on people, not on profit. 

"A serious Kiva fan."

I really wanted to work for Kiva!


The first time I called a borrower just after he fully funded, I could hear how Pablo was unable to contain the pride and happiness.


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