"Kiva fuels Amps national scaling!"

If you are doing good work and communicate how the loan will help you, you will get the support you are looking for.

"Scarves, jobs for Mayan artisans, and social impact!"

The feedback from our lenders was inspirational! 

"A no-brainer"

I severely underestimated how much money I needed- that was a shocker to say the least.

"The start of our economic, political, and social legacy"

Proof that not only does our mission matter, but those who benefit from it matter too. 

"I was in need and the Kiva family helped my business"

Freedom of expression is our model at Agoci. 

"Kiva helped launch a Future Natural Hair Mogul"

Having the backing from Kiva gave me a lot of stepping stones

"Kiva has resuscitated my spirit to keep going"

I have had an enterprising streak in me since I was a little girl 

Regina's store in Oakland is a sanctuary for trafficking survivors

“To love in a manner that’s unhindered, that’s not wrapped in fear, that’s visionary and sacred,” Regina Evans says, describing her vision for her role in the world.

"Hills are hard. Shift gears."

It was only after we delivered our first 35 bicycles that I realized how important what we are doing is

"Hold on to your dreams!"

Just when I thought I was at rock bottom, I was introduced to the Kiva team. 


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