Volunteer spotlight: “I believe that everyone deserves the chance to get ahead and improve their circumstances”

Each day when you visit Kiva’s website there are thousands of loans ready and waiting to be funded, but how do they get there? Money doesn’t grow on trees and neither do translated loans.

Homecoming: the future of internally displaced persons in Colombia

When you read the phrase “internally displaced persons,” what countries come to mind? I immediately think of Syria and Iraq. If pressed, I can think of a few more: South Sudan, perhaps Somalia and Pakistan.

Bouncing back: When delinquency leads to resiliency in Ghana

Meeting with Kiva borrowers is a privilege that I have had the opportunity to enjoy multiple times since I have landed in Africa. Oftentimes, their stories, professional or personal, have made me forget the initial reason for my visit.

What do you really do? A journey through my first borrower visit

Reading between the lines: Borrowers' stories untold

Climate-smart agriculture produces 40 litres in revenue

ECLOF Kenya introduced climate-smart agriculture loan products in the year 2015 and the program has been doing well in the regions of Eastern Kenya ever since. In order to expand its program to other dairy farmers, Kiva and ECLOF Kenya are conducting an impact evaluation of the program.

Tajikistan: A land of resilient and resourceful people

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the new republics had varying degrees of success in adapting to the introduction of capitalism. Tajikistan struggled more than most, compounded by the fact that it suffered a five-year civil war soon after declaring independence.

Links we like: Beer-brewing monks, speaking in elephant and 7 food markets in less than 2 minutes

Take a close look around and you can always find something that inspires you and fills life with joy. Read the following stories to see how you can finally live out your childhood dream of speaking in an animal language or read the 50 reasons why others love the world we all share. 

San Francisco student says Kiva is made for Generation Z

Yasmin is a guest blogger and local high school student spearheading the creation of a KivaU program on her campus. The KivaU program is Kiva's youth and educational engagement program, which launched in August of 2013 and is currently made up of over 82,000 educators, students and parents who use Kiva as a tool to better understand and impact the world they live in. KivaU is currently present in more than 4,000 schools, universities and youth groups around the world. To learn more about the KivaU program, check it out at KivaU.org

A Veterans Journey to Fight Social Stigmas Through Entrepreneurship

“As a Combat Veteran I have battled stigmas that assume failure for individuals with PTSD.”


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