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Fostering social equality through microfinance in Nicaragua: Interview with Veronica Herrera, CEO of MiCrédito

This article was originally published by the European Microfinance Platform and edited for this platform.

Links we like: Everyday-ideas transformed

These are the stories of everyday-ideas transformed. Read about photography as a tool for healing, a musical tradition brought back to life or an artist who uses New York City to discuss the influx of global refugees all in our favorite links of the week, below:

Stoves that cook up jobs, charge cellphones and keep kids healthy

The solar-powered cookstoves produced and distributed by Kiva partner African Clean Energy are no ordinary cookstoves: they cut fuel consumption, create healthier air in homes and feature a USB outlet to charge cellphones or run LED lamps.
For some families in Lesotho these innovative cookstoves are the only source of power in their homes. 

VisionFund Kenya: A family focused lending approach

Having lived and worked in Kenya for most of my life, I thought I knew a lot about the Microfinance space in the country. Well, all that changed when I joined VisionFund Kenya as a Kiva fellow a few months ago.

Escaping a disaster zone

The town is called San Cristobal Norte – or Sacrin for short – and remember that name because I might never make it out. It’s mid-afternoon, but I am sitting in the dark and the rain outside has culminated into a monotone shriek. So much for the borrower visit I was supposed to do today.

The Grapes of Mirth

A week after I got to Georgia as a Kiva fellow in the field, I received an email from Giorgie, one of the guys I had contacted when looking for a place to stay in Tbilisi. He asked if I was interested in coming to his parents’ village to help pick grapes over the weekend. Of course I was!

Links we like: Cars in the operating room, solar powered mosques and a sweeter solution to plastics

These stories represent the efforts of innovative people to change narratives and re-think the status quo. In doing so, they are able to create solutions like providing power to a town without electricity, reimagining what beauty can look like and so much more. Check out all 5 stories below:

Why Critical Thinking Is Better Than Positive Thinking for Business Owners

You cannot succeed in business being either a negative or positive thinker, you must be a critical thinker

The gain from a grain: Rice in Filipino culture


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