Watch ABC 7 News tonight!

If you live in the San Francisco area tune in to ABC7 News tonight at 5:00pm to watch a news story on! Premal Shah, President, will be explaining a little of the history of and how the program works, and there will even be an interview with a local Kiva Lender.

If you haven't yet told everyone you know about, now's the time, before your friends start telling you!

50,000 users!!!

That's right - the Kiva Community of users has now grown to 50,000!!! Add on the 7,700 entrepreneurs who've received loans through and suddenly we have a real global community of business partners.

$25 might not seem like much, but when there are 50,000 of us joining together we suddenly become a powerful force enabling real opportunity in the lives of the working poor.

Be empowered to change a life!

Want to work at

We are currently recruiting for the position Microfinance Partnerships Manager at the San Francisco office.

Here's what we're looking for:

Microfinance Partnerships Manager
San Francisco, CA – Downtown/Mission District
Full time with salary plus benefits.

Frontline/World: Bring it on!

Tonight's Frontline/World program will rebroadcast the documentary "Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way", which tells the story of and features Kiva Lenders and Entrepreneurs in San Francisco and Uganda. Second Life Meetup Community and Operations Manager, Fiona Ramsey, will be at the Kiva Virtual Office today at noon PDT to answer your questions about

To get to the Kiva Virtual Office use this SLURL once you're in Second Life:

Listen to The Forum featuring Premal Shah and Jonathan Morduch

Premal Shah, President, and Jonathan Morduch, professor of public policy and economics at New York University and co-author of "The Economics of Microfinance", were interviewed today on The Forum. The show featured a discussion on "Microfinance and Social Justice Philanthropy" and included calls from listeners.

Kiva Podcasts now on iTunes

Do you want more inside info on Now you can get the inside scoop listening to Kiva Podcasts.

The Kiva Podcasts will feature interviews with staff in San Francisco, Kiva Field Partner staff located around the globe and Kiva Lenders who'd like to share their experience lending through

Frontline/WORLD Rebroadcasting Documentary April 10

October 31st will always be a special date in history.

Get Involved!!

Are you excited about Then Get Involved! is a tool for You - and we want you to make it your own, take ownership and get it out there!

Have you checked out Kiva Friends? Meet other Kiva Lenders and enthusiasts, share ways to market in your local area and discuss any aspect of in The Lounge. This is a website for you, created by a Kiva Volunteer, so make the most of it!

The Impact in Sliven, Bulgaria

The power of is in facilitating communication between the developing world and the developed world. Pictures, words, data in the form of loan repayments, they all tell us something about the lives of people who can live very far from us geographically, but are similar to us in so many ways.

Greg Kelly, is a staff member for REDC (Regional Economic Development Center) in Sliven, Bulgaria. Greg recently shared some of his experiences as a loan officer for a Kiva Partner:


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