International Women's Day 2018: Invest in women

Money is powerful, especially in the hands of women determined to create change.

Phyllis left a dangerous marriage to become her own champion

Phyllis’ life did not turn out the way she imagined it would. She never expected to get divorced, or be a single mother.

Tips to make your loan profile shine!

Suggestions and advice on how to make your loan profile eye catching, interesting, and engaging, so you can lure in more lenders!

What is "Social Underwriting"?

Learn about Kiva's unique process and how it's different than typical banks.

Email, phone, and social media message templates

Having trouble figuring out how to talk to potential lenders? Use these templates to plan out what to say over email, phone, or social media.

Kiva's Crowdfunding Tips

7 tips to help you fund your loan faster.

Crowdfunding with Kiva

Need help understanding how Kiva's crowdfunding platform works? This article's for you.

Is Kiva for Me?

Learn about what Kiva U.S. can offer you, the borrower, and what do you need to qualify for a Kiva U.S. loan.

Phearong rejected her ‘fate’ and became a leader for women’s rights in Cambodia

Phearong's nerves quickly took hold of her as she looked at the stage.

Every day is an adventure when you always say 'Yes'

As I get ready to start a new chapter in Nairobi, Kenya with the Kiva Labs team, I can’t help but reminisce on the last 6 months abroad as a Kiva Fellow in the Philippines and Timor-Leste. Although it was not always easy to be on my own, I’ve grown so much as a person because of all the “Yeses” I reluctantly agreed to.


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