$1 billion in life-changing loans

Kiva started with a radical idea twelve years ago. Would people lend small amounts of money to complete strangers on the other side of the world to help alleviate poverty?

Why every business should start as a popup

Aaron Lander, Co-founder and CEO of PopUpsters, talks about how PopUpsters helps entrepreneurs hone in on their product, test new ideas, and grow their businesses, while also helping hosts make the most of their spaces.

Passion + planning: Ingredients for food truck success

Shay Yellin, Co-Founder of New York Street Food, speaks about the importance of planning and innovation in running a successful food truck.

How to launch a mobile food empire: A Q&A with Brett Lindenberg

Brett Lindenberg, Founder of Food Truck Empire, gives some time tips on what mobile food entrepreneurs should be doing to ensure success in their businesses.

Hard work! Stories behind successful mobile food businesses

Phil Shen, Co-Founder of Behind the Food Carts, speaks about the challenges facing mobile food entrepreneurs, some early investments they can make to help their business, and the compelling reasons to focus on the human stories behind each food cart

The many faces of women entrepreneurs of Kiva Puerto Rico

Ana Maria Cintron, Creator of Opportunities at Piloto 151 and Kiva PR Catalyst & Small Business Advisor at Kiva PR, tells the story of her work with KivaPR and shares stories of a few enterprising females who have been funded by Kiva loans.

Kiva launches multi-million dollar World Refugee Fund on World Refugee Day

In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, people across the globe are coming together on Kiva to crowdfund $500,000 in loans for refugees, displaced peoples and their host communities – helping them move beyond emergency aid to regain some stability and build for the future.

Syrian refugees find new hope with crowdfunded loans

Imagine that one quarter of your country’s population is made up of refugees living in informal camps. That’s the reality in Lebanon today.

Q&A with 'Laines Bake Shop

An interview with Rachel Bernier-Green of 'Laines Bake Shop in Chicago -- a Kiva entrepreneur, 5-star rated bakery, and community champion!

Co-Pack it up! Prickly Pig brings sauce to a nation of BBQ'ers

Karen Kilkenny, owner and founder of the Prickly Pig, a gourmet food company, speaks on finding a co-packer.


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