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We have gift ideas for all the special people on your list!

Lei Company Cooperative founder aims to reclaim Pacific Islander art form

Kiva borrower Tiffany Lacsado, founder and co-owner of Oakland’s The Lei Company Cooperative, Inc, is using her business to honor her Pacific Islander heritage on her own terms.

Links we like: Colorful celebrations, happy offices and a thousand stray dogs that find a home

Find a list of holidays, innovative ideas and commemorable actions that are all worth celebrating.  

Intern insights: A first look

As we pass the mark of the mid-internship point, we sat down with a few of them to hear about their work and how their time at Kiva has impacted them thus far.

More than just money: 6 easy ways to help small businesses succeed

When a venture capital firm invests in a startup business, they don’t just provide money – they also provide connections, expertise, guidance and advice.

New feature! Automatic repayments

We’re now offering a new way of making your loan repayments: automatically!

Fostering social equality through microfinance in Nicaragua: Interview with Veronica Herrera, CEO of MiCrédito

“Empowering youth is vital to see the change in Nicaragua that we seek,”

Links we like: Everyday-ideas transformed

Read about photography as a tool for healing, a musical tradition brought back to life, or an artist who uses New York City to discuss the influx of global refugees.

Stoves that cook up jobs, charge cellphones and keep kids healthy

The solar-powered cookstoves produced and distributed by Kiva partner African Clean Energy are no ordinary cookstoves: they cut fuel consumption, create healthier air in homes and feature a USB outlet to charge cellphones or run LED lamps.

VisionFund Kenya: A family focused lending approach

Having lived and worked in Kenya for most of my life, I thought I knew a lot about the Microfinance space in the country. All that changed when I joined VisionFund Kenya as a Kiva fellow a few months ago.


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