The festival of Santo Domingo: Dancing for miracles

I arrived in Managua on a Saturday night on the 29th of July - my first time in Nicaragua and in Central America.

The ice cream business with scoops of heart, family and hard work

iDE Ghana is tackling unemployment and environmental health with toilets

A mark of a truly impactful organization is the ability to influence multiple aspects of a community’s well-being with one action. iDE Ghana is aiming to do just that, with an unlikely tool: toilets!

An unexpected party in Tajikistan

I must admit, I never expected to have a good time at a circumcision party.  I suppose it helped greatly that the circumcision was not my own, and in fact the deed itself occurred after the party.  Let me back up a bit and explain.

Links we like: 9-year-olds at Nasa, trashy popsicles and lumber-filled luxury

Take a look at these stories to see how people everywhere, from fourth graders to 60-year-old adventurers, are trying to change the world by daring to be bold.

Community store fosters peace & economic opportunity in post-conflict Colombia

Drive about 1.5 hours east of the up-and-coming metropolis of Medellín, and you’ll find yourself on tranquil mountain roads in Cocorná, dotted with family farms and handmade houses.


The new Cleopatras: A visit with Egypt's female entrepreneurs

Kiva partners with GoDaddy to support US entrepreneurs

Since 2015, GoDaddy employees have lent more than $170k to around 7,000 people across the globe through Kiva.

3 tips for organizing your retail food business

Staying organized is a challenge, and ‘Laines Bake Shop suggests several different processes to manage accounting, inventory, and pricing.


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