Tajikistan: A land of resilient and resourceful people

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the new republics had varying degrees of success in adapting to the introduction of capitalism. Tajikistan struggled more than most, compounded by the fact that it suffered a five-year civil war soon after declaring independence.

Links we like: Beer-brewing monks, speaking in elephant and 7 food markets in less than 2 minutes

Take a close look around and you can always find something that inspires you and fills life with joy. Read the following stories to see how you can finally live out your childhood dream of speaking in an animal language or read the 50 reasons why others love the world we all share. 

Rethinking Pacific Islander business

Kiva borrower Tiffany Lacsado, founder and co-owner of Oakland’s The Lei Company Cooperative, Inc, is using business to honor Pacific Islander heritage.

San Francisco student says Kiva is made for Generation Z

Yasmin is a guest blogger and local high school student spearheading the creation of a KivaU program on her campus. The KivaU program is Kiva's youth and educational engagement program, which launched in August of 2013 and is currently made up of over 82,000 educators, students and parents who use Kiva as a tool to better understand and impact the world they live in. KivaU is currently present in more than 4,000 schools, universities and youth groups around the world. To learn more about the KivaU program, check it out at KivaU.org

A veteran using entrepreneurship against social stigma

James, a Veteran of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, has started multiple social enterprises that help other veterans with housing and job security through business support.

Tap into your power for good: Kiva at TEDx

Earlier this year, Kiva’s Global Engagement Manager, Jessica Hansen, gave a TEDx Talk to a packed house about the power of “we” and connection via technology. 

Woman-led beauty brands are too rare – this one is thriving and changing lives in Haiti

When your beauty brand has fans like Whole Foods and Sephora, you know you’re doing something right. When you’re able to make those beauty products in a socially impactful way, that creates jobs and improves the environment, you’re doing something extraordinary.
For Yve-Car, the CEO and co-founder of successful social enterprise Kreyol Essence, that extraordinary journey all began with a hair catastrophe.

Update: Sierra Leone Mudslides and nearby Field Partners

On August 14, Sierra Leone suffered a devastating natural disaster. Mudslides and flooding occurred within Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, that destroyed a large amount of the city’s homes and infrastructure and took many lives. Various news sources now report that the rain-induced devastation caused between 600 and 1,000 people to lose their lives or become seriously injured. 

Links we like: stories of strength, creativity and shattering stigmas

Whether it's women gathering to prevent injustices or a man fulfilling a lofty dream, below are stories of how people use their resources and circumstances to create something meaningful. 

Interview with an artisan: Resilience in business and art

Susan Jeannette Fernandez Chavez is a 29 year-old Kiva borrower and artisan whose crafts leave a profound impact on her community. I sat down with her to discuss her journey to the arts, her passion for child development, and the importance of supporting artists.


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