"Rock and ROLL!"

My business came as a need for healthier options when looking for quality meals. 

"The experience was awesome"

Savannah Sauce Company was started by accident! 

"It was fun"

We wanted to make all natural juices affordable for low income families, and it is good for all ages.

"Truly Healthful Indulgence"

My advice to borrowers is "Keep going, don't stop. Remember: No is half-way to Yes. Not asking is all-the-way to a No."

"Our experience has done everything to assure us that we can do it"

We are very thankful for everything that was done for us by so many people all over the world when it was time to lend to SOULGOODSOULFOOD.

"Kiva was fundamental to getting our business off the ground."

Kiva has given us the ability to 'pay it forward' and help other local businesses flourish as well.

"Wonderfully supportive network of folks"

My Kiva loan helped me stay afloat in the day to day operations of a food business and its inherent demands on cash flow.

"Just try"

I was really amazed with how easy Kiva made it to get your information on there and to get started. 

"A smoother path towards success"

Los Paleteros were limited to producing only 160 ice pops per day but since the loan have been able to produce up to 160 ice pops per hour!

"I believe in magic"

As a first time borrower I’d like to share some insight with readers based on my experience.


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