"I’m still touched by the kindness of these complete strangers"

I wanted to share my experience to support and inspire other entrepreneurs crowdfunding a small business loan through Kiva

"I'm so happy to be part of the Kiva community"

Through Kiva and its community, I have once again felt the need, passion, and will to continue creating art and doing what I love.

"We did it! You did it! We all did it!"

Now, as they say, the real work begins.

"Feeling the love"

We started farming because for us, the sacred acts of agriculture are direct moral and ethical actions.

Southern Fried Farm

My mission incorporates self-reliance, dirt, seeds, watching the miracles of Mother Earth, lots of sunshine, and plenty of hard work

"Kiva helps an organic farm expand"

I farm because I love to eat well and I love sharing good food with my community.

"I feel empowered!"

The mission behind my work at Oko Farms is to inspire a generation of food and environmental enthusiasts through urban farming.

The Mayor of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Full disclosure: This post is not about the actual mayor of Dar es Salaam, but rather a Kiva borrower named Samweli whom I had the pleasure of meeting, and the story behind his nickname, the “Mayor of Dar es Salaam.”

"Boost in morale!"

I was able to raise a $5,000 loan in just a few weeks with the Greenhorns as my Trustee and 138 lenders supporting me.

"Simple, encouraging, and a good life choice!"

I finally made the leap almost exactly one year ago, because I wanted to fully use my graduate degree in Food Studies and make the most impact I could while doing work that I felt really good about doing every day.


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