"We are bringing jobs to rural women across Wyoming"

Women in rural communities face a more difficult time - there are simply no supplemental income opportunities.


Our first Kiva loan allowed us to buy industrial & customer equipment and to work with trained pattern makers to re-engineer and design our patterns specifically for efficiency and home production.

Links We Like: I scream, you scream, we all scream to support dreams

In February, Leona’s, a small batch ice cream company in Pittsburgh, Penn., made history by being the fastest Kiva campaign ever to raise $25,000.

"Absolutely blown away"

My resources were almost completely exhausted, and the funds raised through the Kiva campaign provided capital at a very critical time 

"A Southern Mess for a Business Wreck"

My business journey has not been one like what you see in the movies. You know, when the girl has a dream of owning her own company and at the end of the movie she’s filthy rich AND she gets the guy!! Yeah, that’s not me.

"Eureka moment in the shower creates more space for everybody"

People would laugh when I'd tell them I was working on making a better shower curtain.

"Kiva lenders are simply amazing!"

Open Sense Productions is a film company founded and started by myself to take on my first grandiose project.

"The sense of solidarity"

I was scared of asking for more money to make Bien Cool grow, even when I knew my business needed capital investment in order to put my product in more point of sales.

"A really great experience"

We used our funds to do our first brick and mortar pop up shop in the Mission


The work with vetrepreneurs and Kiva led to establishment of my own small business, which creates both social and economic value.


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