A Solomon story: Determination in the face of adversity

It was the morning after a night of heavy showers as I made my way to meet Eddry. Along the journey, the road quickly turned from gravel, to dirt to wet mud and it wasn’t long before the staff 4x4 was unable to go any further.

Intern Insights: A first look

Kiva loves to celebrate its interns and the meaningful work that they accomplish every day. Halfway through the internship cycle, we sat down with a few of them to hear about their work and how their time at Kiva has impacted them.

What happens when I finish repaying my Kiva loan?

Now that you've recieved and repaid a Kiva U.S. loan, it's easy to apply for another, larger loan.

I've fully funded! ...Now what?

Congratulations on fully fundraising your loan! Here are the next steps.

Paying back a Kiva loan

Repayments make up the final step in your Kiva journey. Here are step by step information on how to make loan repayments and what to do if you have an issue.

Links We Like: Fashion statements with a social conscious

This week’s Links We Like all come from the intersection of art, fashion and social consciousness, and explore the deeper impact of the clothes we wear and see on the runway.

Transitioning farmers away from cocaine-producing crops in Peru

Nestled in the center of Peru is a lush valley region with a notorious reputation as ‘cocaine valley.’ Peru is the world’s largest producer of cocaine.

Refugees and finance: Out of sight, out of mind?

On June 20, 2017, Kiva launched the World Refugee Fund to match loans to refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) to help them rebuild their lives and create some stability. Traditional forms of finance are often out of reach for refugees, and as such supporting loans for this population is vital.

Links we Like: Images of International Women's Day

To continue our celebration of International Women's Day, here are 6 stories of amazing women doing amazing things.

FAQs about PayPal

A quick guide for common questions related to how to use PayPal with Kiva U.S.


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