My experience as a Kiva partner impact fellow

It’s been almost 1 year now since I joined Kiva as a partner impact fellow. It has been quite an exciting experience seeing what I have achieved throughout my project and how I've developed various skills in research and project management.

Georgia on my mind

Georgia has one of the oldest histories of any country on Earth. In fact, the recent discovery of 8,000-year-old storage containers show that Georgians may be the first inventors of wine. For that alone, we thank them.

Links we like: The compost crusader, Batman and Kiva's latest news

The holidays are fast-approaching! Enjoy a list of sustainable travel gifts, stories surrounding success and an update of what's new with Kiva as we move into the new year, below: 

The compost crusader

Volunteer spotlight: “I like the way we help people help themselves”

All over the world, Review and Translation Program (RTP) volunteers offer their time and skills to ensure that the thousands of loans that come in from Kiva’s partners are edited and translated from our 5 key languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. In the past 3 months alone, RTP volunteers have reviewed 57,199 loans, averaging over 19,000 loans per month. They enjoy being involved in the process from reviewing the original loans to seeing them fundraise on Kiva.

Where hammocks come from

Go to any home in El Salvador and you are sure to encounter one thing:
A working sink? No.
Air conditioning? No.
A flushing toilet? Maybe.

Reaching financially excluded populations: How interest rates play a role

As many readers of this blog likely know, Kiva lends zero-interest capital to microfinance institutions (MFIs) all over the world.

Here’s How to Give Yourself Permission to Take a Vacation as a Business Owner

Being your own boss is an attractive notion, and for those who turn that notion into a reality, it can be rewarding.

Light up a life: Ernestina is a skilled carver making a name for herself in a male-dominated craft

This holiday season, you can light up a life by making a loan on Kiva, or by giving the gift of a Kiva Card to someone you love.

Ernestina, an artisan in Ghana, is dressed to the nines for company but doesn’t hesitate for a moment to climb into her carving workshop and show us how it’s done.

Light up a life: A family fishing business making college dreams a reality

This holiday season, you can light up a life by making a loan on Kiva, or giving the gift of a Kiva Card to someone you love.


7 travel blogs we love (and you should follow!)

At Kiva, we love to travel and connect with people around the world. Lending on Kiva is of course one of the ways we maintain that connection, and so is living vicariously through travel writers.
We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite blogs that each offer a unique perspective on travel. We especially enjoy their commitment to leaving a positive, impactful mark on their ever-expanding world. Check them out below:
Nomadness Tribe


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