How microfinance helps Haiti recover from natural disasters

Banks are extremely difficult to access due to their paperwork requirements and initial capital or collateral. They also have an extremely bad reputation amongst the rural population, particularly in terms of poor practices when collecting repayments. As Louis, a borrower, explained, “There is a vicious circle of indebtedness when people go to banks.”

Teaching kids global citizenship with “Save, Spend, Lend”

On “Inspired Money,” Jessica notes that when we think about the power of money, it’s easily associated with greed and corruption. However, the power of money can also be harnessed to empower others. The task of alleviating poverty is, of course, a challenging one.

Volunteer Spotlight: “[This work] gives me as much, if not more, than what I am contributing”

In the past nine months, RTP volunteers have reviewed 168,816 loans, averaging over 18,750 loans per month. They enjoy being involved in the process from reviewing the original loans to seeing them fundraise on Kiva!

Fighting deforestation through innovation in Haiti

I knew about deforestation but was still taken aback to see it so clearly. Unlike its neighbour the Dominican Republic, which has 41% of its land covered by forest, Haiti struggles to reach a 4% coverage. This is a stark contrast from the 1920s, when forests covered 75% of the land. 

Links We Like: Technology for good

These days, we are often bombarded about how technology harms more than help. Here are 5 links that we love, to remind us that technological innovation can be a good thing.

Kiva Labs brings together nearly 100 partners and experts from across Africa

During KLIC, Kiva held workshops on a variety of topics including human-centered design, Kiva’s portfolio of lenders, the organization’s evolving technologies, and the challenges faced by Field Partners as they attempted to scale impact.  

How one 6-year-old started a Kiva team legacy

At the age of 6, Rebecca was already intent on making the world a better place. She founded the lending team Westfield Youth for Kiva while still in elementary school.

Homebound by illness, this Kiva team founder built a community helping women from her couch

Janice, from Minnesota, has a passion for service and getting others jazzed about doing good. As the captain and founder of the Kiva lending team Women United, she successfully invited over 100 friends and family to lend with her on Kiva.

One man's journey from small-scale farmer to successful entrepreneur

Within a short period, Jackson has been able to expand his farmland to cover a full two acres, expand his business and employ people in his village, thereby creating a ripple effect of economic opportunity.

Christians, atheists, nerds, activists unite to make change through Kiva lending teams

When we work together we can make monumental change, and Kiva lending teams are proof of this every day.


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