Oct 27, 2015 KV Kiva HQ
By Talea Miller
Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

The Kiva staff celebrating a decade of impact outside Kiva's headquarters in San Francisco.

In October of 2005, Kiva was founded as a nonprofit and an incredible journey began. Ten years later, Kiva has grown into a global force for good and a place where acts of mutual respect, kindness and faith occur every hour of every day.

We’ll be celebrating a decade of impact over the next year and have so much in store to share with you. But we wanted to take this moment to extend a very sincere thank you to all Kiva borrowers, lenders, Field Partners, volunteers and staff. Look at what you made possible:

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I would love to share your article - but the FB button is only allowing a "like."

I copied and pasted the link into a message. It loaded and posted well, but a "share" button would be helpful.

Not the FB like button but the bigger FB button that says "share this milestone".

I would love to post the info that you have here, it's awesome what KIVA has achieved but it only shares a link

Gracias por existir. El mundo necesita gente como vosotros OS conocí a través de un programa árabe de ahmed choukairi. Muchas gracias.

Gracias por existir. El mundo necesita gente como vosotros OS conocí a través de un programa árabe de ahmed choukairi. Muchas gracias.

congratulations #teamkiva! how do i borrow?

Hi good day please I need lon but I don't know how to apply or how to get it thank you very much imtithal bakdash

I have been requesting a loan of Kes.200,000 but I have never gotten through though you say it is easy. Kindly send me an online form which will enable me to fill and get this loan. thank you. Christine

I would love to apply for kiva loan! how do i apply?

Can you please give information for a loan for farming.

Butuh dana pinjaman $15.000 untuk modal usaha pertokoan dan pertanian

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