Announces Partnership with Ebony Foundation, Keny today announced its third Kenyan Field Partner, Ebony Foundation

Ebony Foundation (Eb-F) is a micro finance institution providing financial services to peasant, small-scale farmers, small and micro Entrepreneurs in Kenya with a mission to improve rural livelihood by promoting income generation activities among the poor.

Eb-F provides its target communities with a range of products and services that include factoring/ payments for produce and services delivered to reputable processing firms, credit to acquire production inputs, equipment and working capital. Also, it provides credit to finance home ownership and improvement and to finance various family consumption needs like education, medical care and pre- and post- natal care. In addition Eb-F provides rural communities with technical and financial backup to set up and manage efficient Rural Banks.

Eb-F's strategy involves providing the poor, low and medium income earners with financial services in the form of credit to undertake and improve income generating activities then link them to viable markets for their produce and services. This ensures that the target communities have a regular income that then forms the basis for further production and consumption savings and credit services leading to improved income and improvement of the family livelihood. We hope Kiva Lenders enjoy connecting with Ebony Foundation's entrepreneurs and we look forward to a successful partnership with this organization. 

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