Jan 8, 2007

Kiva.org is excited to announce partnership with Rafode (Rural Agency for Development) in Kenya.Rafode's mission is to provide opportunities to people in chronic poverty to transform their lives through income generating.RAFODE was formed as an organization to provide alternative financial services to poor communities in Kenya. RAFODE aims to reach both people in business and those not yet in business by helping them to start income generating projects.Our main challenge is reaching out to the poorest who do not have business and who are also illiterate. Rafode also aims to serve the rural... Continue Reading >>

Jan 4, 2007

Kiva.org would like to welcome all of the new French visitors to the Kiva Community!For those of you in the rest of the world - Kiva.org was featured in an article in the French newspaper "Liberation" today.We're sorry that we don't have our website available in French yet - but we hope that you'll join our community of global lenders, including Saint Laurent les Eglises in France!Don't forget - we do have a French-speaking partner, CRESP in Senegal, and you can post comments on business pages in any language you please.Bienvenue! Continue Reading >>

Jan 3, 2007

Kiva.org is proud to announce partnership with Normicro, in Azerbaijan.Normicro's mission is to offer sustainable, demand-driven lending services aimed at enhancing the quality of life of internally displaced peoples (IDPs) and low-income people through promoting viable enterprises.Normicro was established in 1998 in Baku city, the capital of Azerbaijan. Originally, Normicro was the Income Generating Project of the Norwegian Refugee Council (through the Norwegian Refugee Council IDP Revolving Fund). The main purpose of the project was to support IDPs from Nagorno-Karabakh in establishing/... Continue Reading >>

Jan 1, 2007

We would like to wish a very happy new year to all Kiva.org lenders, borrowers, supporters, partners and volunteers!Together we have created something quite extraordinary, uplifting, dignifying and empowering. We've made the world a little bit smaller and extended "helping hands" that reach as far as Manhattan to Mozambique. We've introduced ourselves to each other with pictures and profiles, and created a network of over 20,000 people around the globe.In San Francisco, the Kiva.org team is looking forward to see where you will take us in 2007. We will continue to build an easy-to-use... Continue Reading >>

Dec 30, 2006

Today the Two Millionth Dollar was loaned to an entrepreneur in the developing world by a Kiva Lender.On behalf of the entrepreneurs you have loaned to, we would like to thank you for the incredible support that has been shown Kiva.org, our Field Partners and entrepreneurs. As a result the Kiva.org Team has been working hard to expand our global partnerships to allow Kiva Lenders more options in loaning to the businesses of their choice.It is a beautiful thing to see Kiva Loans raised in a matter of hours, knowing that our Field Partners are also watching the website and informing the... Continue Reading >>

Dec 28, 2006

Kris Reyes, a reporter/anchor for CityNews in Toronto, reported on Kiva.org for tonight's CityNews report.Click here to watch the news report online. Kris also keeps a very interesting blog to add more insight to some of her stories.Thanks to Kiva Lender Rob Hawke for sharing his Kiva story on TV!
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Dec 22, 2006

Kiva.org is proud to announce our first Partner in Azerbaijan, Komak Credit Union.Komak is a credit union established in 1999 among 20 union members. In the same year Komak opened 2 field offices, of which one is in Baku (Azerbaijan's capital) and the other in Fizuli (a rural region).
Since 1999, Komak has opened new branches in Absheron, Salyan and Khachmaz, established relations with the World Bank and the Danish Refugee Council, and disbursed hundreds of thousands of loans. Today, all branch offices are engaged full-time in providing microfinance services to internally... Continue Reading >>

Dec 19, 2006

Guayaquil, EcuqadorKiva.org was built with a dream - to connect people who live worlds apart through online lending. To see that connection translate to a meeting of business partners - Kiva Entrepreneur and Kiva Lender - in the "real world" is such a beautiful thing!Tom Hutchinson is a Kiva Lender who is traveling with his girlfriend in beautiful Ecuador for a couple of months. As a lender to several businesses in Ecuador through MIFEX, a Kiva Partner, Tom decided to visit his business partners and congratulate them on their success face-to-face.Thanks to the MIFEX staff... Continue Reading >>

Dec 15, 2006

PEMCI's mission is to build wealth and assets, encourage self-employment, increase incomes and restore market forces to benefit individuals and communities through affordable and sustainable microloans and related financial services. This would be achieved through: innovative ideas; diversified financial products; programs and services to individuals and communities especially low income entrepreneurs in the informal sector; networking with other development partners; teamwork and mobilization of resources and support nationally and worldwide.Ultimately PEMCI strives to deliver a wide range... Continue Reading >>

Dec 14, 2006

Kiva.org has been nominated for a MySpace Impact Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations making a difference in the world through MySpace. The awards recognize impact-makers in six categories: community-building, health and safety, social justice, poverty relief, environmentalism, and international development. All members of MySpace may nominate candidates, and the community votes each month to select a winner from one of the categories.So vote for Kiva.org now! And don't forget to add Kiva.org to your MySpace Top 8! Continue Reading >>