Apr 7, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

April is the Month of Microfinance and the perfect time to share how microfinance has touched our lives. This story comes from Gordon Thompson, one of Kiva’s amazing fellows who work in the field and play an integral role in facilitating partnerships between Kiva and our Field Partners. In many ways they are a bridge connecting lenders and borrowers around the world. From traveling woes to forging...

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Apr 1, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Eat up: Edible eating utensils make meals 0% waste. Simple math: If 100 people lived on Earth.
What's next?: Is microfinance the next step in financial inclusion?
Say what?: How different languages impact your world view.
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Mar 23, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

We have welcomed some great partners in the past month on Kiva. They strive to increase organic production of eggs and share the benefits of responsible tourism with small communities in Thailand, and expand access to market for Indonesian smallholder farmers. Learn more about the changes these organizations are bringing about for these local families!


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Mar 22, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

If you believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water, help Kiva and its partners like Evidence Action and People’s Forum by lending ... Continue Reading >>

Mar 17, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

“Talk about feeling powerful– we can be the bank of our community because we love this community, we understand it and we’re going to invest in our neighbors." -Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, at the Kiva Oakland launch  


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Mar 16, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Support Shawn and other small business owners in Oakland, as Oakland becomes an official Kiva city on March 16, 2016. By ... Continue Reading >>

Mar 15, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

We are so proud to announce the launch of Kiva Oakland, in partnership with Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf, to bring 0% interest crowdfunded loans to hundreds of Oakland small business owners. Kiva Oakland supports businesses that are socially impactful and financially excluded from mainstream lending options. “This initiative is a virtuous circle of opportunity for Oakland where the return on investment is measured more by character than credit scores,” said Schaaf. “We’re giving residents a critical way to directly support the small businesses that are the backbone and creative engine of... Continue Reading >>

Mar 11, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Support Natasha and other small business owners in Oakland, as Oakland becomes an official Kiva city on March 16, 2016. By ... Continue Reading >>

Mar 9, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Thanks to your generosity, Kiva had a record-breaking International Women's Day celebration to support women around the world! In 1 week, Kiva lenders and supporters funded nearly $4.5 million in loans to women, and $2.7 million on International Women's Day alone. More loans were funded on International Women's Day 2016 than on any other day in Kiva's history! More than 40,000 lenders participated during the week, and more than 14,000 women borrowers were successfully funded.  Kiva lenders helped activate $1 million in matching funds provided by PepsiCo Foundation,... Continue Reading >>

Mar 6, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Share this image and tag 5 friends to invite them to lend on Kiva for International Women's Day:
Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we just hit our $1 million goal for International Women's Day! But we still have until midnight on March 8 to make an even bigger impact for women entrepreneurs around the world, so we're announcing a stretch goal of $2 million! We need your help to hit this goal, but this time we're not asking you to lend. We're asking current Kiva lenders to help us launch #KivaRecruit by sharing this... Continue Reading >>