Apr 28, 2015 KV Kiva HQ
By Talea Miller
Our Hearts are with Nepal

Photo by Flickr user Oliver Whiteside

On April 25, the most devastating earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years claimed the lives of thousands of people and destroyed homes and cultural sites. The Kiva community’s thoughts are with the people of Nepal and all the families that have been affected by this tragedy.

Kiva reached out to our two partners in Nepal, Patan Business and Professional Women and SunFarmer, to express our support and check on the wellbeing of their staff and clients.

SunFarmer responded that their staff members on the ground are accounted for and doing ok, and that only one of their projects was damaged. They aren't sure at this point how the earthquake will impact their work going forward.
BPW responded to say they appreciate the Kiva community’s concerns. Because of continued aftershocks, it's been difficult for them to begin assessing the impact of the earthquake on their borrower groups, but they are hoping to do that as soon as the situation improves. 

Kiva, and our tremendous network of Field Partners, can play a vital part in long-term rebuilding and recovery from a natural disaster or crisis. However, the immediate emergency needs of the people in Nepal affected by the earthquake are our greatest concern at this time.
If you’d like to contribute to the emergency response, here are several organizations Kiva has ties with that are doing critical work:
  • CARE: CARE has over 150 staff in Nepal already working in the majority of the most affected districts, and their emergency experts are joining from across the globe.
  • Save the Children: The organization is focusing on the needs of the two million children feared affected by Saturday’s deadly earthquake.
  • World Vision: World Vision’s initial stage of response will target 100,000 people in the worst affected areas of Bhaktapur, Gorkha, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Lamjung.
If you’d like to give to a local organization, Nepal Red Cross Society is providing direct help on the ground (though unfortunately their website connectivity has been in and out since the earthquake). GlobalGiving has also created a Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, which will fund the evolving relief efforts of a variety of local organizations.

For more options, you can find a longer list of recommended charities at The New York Times and Charity Navigator.


I am starting a campaign to raise money and help people in Nepal. I am very hurt by the earthquake news...

My daughter has a non profit in Nepal. There is no government involvement therefor, all monies go direct to those in need. Donations can be made to: www.givingasha.org Thank you for your concern.

Will Kiva be working directly with any of the organizations raising funds for aid in Nepal?

Hi, we have started to build temporary shelters in Nepal made from bamboo and tin. The tents provided so far will not withstand the monsoon which is due to arrive in 4 weeks (mid June). We have 32 Nepali staff in Nepal and 1 part time member in the UK. You can find out more about our work at http://www.nepalaction.global/ thanks

I would love to see Kiva partner with local groups and aid organizations to help rebuild this beautiful country. Nepal lacks for opportunity and infrastructure but these are some of the most sincere and hardest working people you will find on the planet. Let's go beyond the rebuilding structures and lay the groundwork for a more prosperous and brighter future for the people of Nepal.

I was considering coming to help with roofing but cannot afford to leave the business here. Nevertheless I contributed at least financially! Hope the situation of Nepaleese people will get better soon!

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