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Life on the River in Indonesia

Tangerang is a large satellite city on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a beautiful place - very green and lush, with several rivers winding through its many rural villages.

Meet the Spice Girls

In the deep south of India there are two Kiva borrower groups that are the hot topic amongst villagers. After spending a part of my day with them, I have dubbed them the Spice Girls.

Transporting Good

I hope you believe in magic

Lazy Eight Stock Farm in Paint Lick, KY

Financing Nicaragua's Future: MiCredito's Audacious Goal of Making Higher Education Accessible to the Masses

It's a decidedly scorching afternoon in the small pastoral community of Puerto Momotombo, located approximately an hour outside of Leon, Nicaragua's university capital.

Learning to Earn in Rural Cambodia: "When the cash flows in, I save it"

In Australia (where I'm from), we start learning about money early. From lessons about compound interest in mathematics to budgeting for a meal in home economics, financial "know-how" is considered a survival skill.

With a donkey cart on the road to improvement

Safoura is a 46-year-old woman who lives in Dieli, a small village in rural Mali. After losing her husband 12 years ago, she became a single mother of 7 children. She knows life can be challenging. 

Kiva City Milwaukee: It All Started from the Launch

Terry needed a printer, a website, more sergers and sewing machines, and cutting mats for her MKE Fashion Incubator.

Doni doni: Farm inputs by mobile layaway

Imagine you’re a Malian farmer. Once a year you plant your corn, your sorghum, your peanuts, your millet. You pray for solid rainfall and a large enough harvest to feed your family for the year.

Why I prefer the long way home

The office of RMCR, the Kiva Partner in Mali where I’m serving as a fellow, is about 2 km away from my home. I’ve made it a habit to walk these 2 km.


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