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VIDEO – Kiva loans to sick ex-sugarcane workers in Nicaragua

Chai Breaks in Odisha & Manipur (Part II)

By Eileen Flannigan | KF19 | India

Elusive Cash Cows and Bread Baskets: Challenges Facing Bolivian Farmers Today

Farming in Cochabamba

Boda-Bodas: Kampala’s Most Efficient Form of Transportation, for Better or for Worse

Laura Sellmansberger | KF19 | Uganda

Technology in the Field: the Future of Microfinance

Varick Schwartz | KF18 | Kenya

Now you’re cooking with gas…

Diana Biggs | KF 18 | Burkina Faso

Confessions of an American at a Christian Microfinance Institution in the Philippines

By Jamie Greenthal | KF 17 | Philippines

The Evolution of Economy: A New Definition of “Rich”

The View from the Roof of the World: Life in Tajikistan

By Benjamin Schelling, KF17, Tajikistan

Otavalo, Ecuador: Arts and Crafts from the center of the world

By Isabel Balderrama /KF-17/ Ecuador


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