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Cambodia: A Nation says Goodbye to its Former King

Kiva Fellow Field Visit: A Day in the Life

Azerbaijan: Looking Beyond the Headlines

It’s been 2 weeks since my arrival in Azerbaijan for my Kiva Fellowship and every day I grow more confused. 
Serving in Azerbaijan is a very different experience from the typical Kiva Fellow placement.  The scenes here of the capital, Baku, aren’t the stereotypical poverty we envision in Africa or south Asia.  By World Bank figures, Azerbaijan is wealthier than more than 54% of the world’s countries; amongst Kiva’s portfolio countries (which include the U.S., Israel, and Mexico) it ranks 8th by GDP PPP per capita.
The reason Azerbaijan has gained extraordinary wealth is due to its production of oil.  The black gold they dig up accounts for 94% of the country’s export revenues.  Between 2006 and 2008, it had the world’s fastest growing economy.  To put that money to use, government spending increased by 30% in 2011.

Real World Nairobi

Local Winemaking in Imphal

Yesterday I took my first trip to a branch office of WSDS to help the Loan Officers do interviews for borrower profiles. As my Kiva Coordinator and I left the city of Imphal in his mini station wagon, I watched the road turn from well-paved, to potholed, to dirt over the course of thirty minutes.

Kigali's Weather and Climate: Not as dull as you'd think!

Kigali is in the mountains.  Way up in the mountains.

Rwanda – how it became such an inspiring act of modern rebirth

On the plane to Kigali for my Kiva Fellowship at Urwego Opportunity International, I realise that my knowledge of Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills, is limited to the famous mountain gorillas and the tragic history of genocide in 1994.

I have little idea of what the people and the country will be like. Wary of the fact that everyone over 19 years old must have a significant story, I approach the city and its people with cautious optimism. I should not have been worried. Everywhere I go, gracious, smiling and incredibly polite people greet me. With a combination of English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili I slowly manage to engage in basic conversations. Kigali radiates a fascinating mix of tranquility and raw energy and it is difficult not to immediately fall in love with the place. 

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