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Behind the Scenes: Kiva Film & Photography

As a Kiva lender, I would often find myself looking at the slew of pictures and video on Kiva’s website and wondering about the moment the images were captured.

Grandma and Micro-Credit

All Mobile Everything: The Hottest Tech Happenings in Kenya

Vietnam: 5 Observations on Life in Hanoi

Having spent the last month living and working in Vietnam's capital city, I've learned some interesting things about Vietnamese culture that are worth sharing.

Irma's Soda Fountain

Village Bank : an exemple of women empowerment

Three Qualities of High-Performing Loan Officers in Kenya

Africa’s Silicon Savannah: Why Kenya? Why now?

Kenya Map

Baku, Azerbaijan: A Phoenix Rising in the Land of Fire

Dimitri Zakharov | KF20 | Azerbaijan

Blood feuds, goats and a lesson learned

Come with me on a journey to northern Albania, an area known for legendary hospitality, ancient citadels, and blood feuds.  In many villages in the north the people are not governed by 21st century european law, but a law that is much older called the Kanun.

The Kanun, or canon, is a 500-year-old code of conduct covering every aspect of medieval life, from births and marriages to hunting and grazing rights and written alongside the duties of a village blacksmith, and the penalties for allowing a goat to stray onto a neighbour's land, it lays out detailed procedures for blood feuds, with a chillingly loose definition of an eye-for-an-eye. When someone is killed, revenge can be exacted not just against the killer himself, but all males in his extended family clan. 


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