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Celebrating the Launch of Kiva City Richmond

Harris: Kiva Coordinator Extraordinaire (and Professional Athlete!)

You know, you've been an extended fellow in West Francophone Africa when...

I am now a Kiva fellow for almost 7 month in West Francophone Africa and I have lived some great adventures and learnt some fun lessons.
In this blog post, I have decided to share with you some similarity I have encountered in the countries I have been living (Benin, Senegal and Togo).

Kiva, Microfinance, and Institution Building in Cambodia

Stalin & Chernobyl: 7 Reasons Why Ukraine Needs Kiva


Urban Innovation21: A model trustee

New York City: Greener than the 'burbs?

When we picture a jungle, we think of a lush green environmentally friendly carbon sequestering ecosystem.

Tales from Peru: How many cobs fit in a pot?

Costa Rica: Social Change, One Cup at a Time

Going to bars or clubs before they open is always strange: music is loudly thumping, lights are moving festively across walls and floors and bartenders are standing at the ready with bottles open and kegs tapped.

Newark, NJ: Kiva’s newest Kiva City!


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