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Harris: Kiva Coordinator Extraordinaire (and Professional Athlete!)

You know, you've been an extended fellow in West Francophone Africa when...

I am now a Kiva fellow for almost 7 month in West Francophone Africa and I have lived some great adventures and learnt some fun lessons.
In this blog post, I have decided to share with you some similarity I have encountered in the countries I have been living (Benin, Senegal and Togo).

Kiva, Microfinance, and Institution Building in Cambodia

Stalin & Chernobyl: 7 Reasons Why Ukraine Needs Kiva


Urban Innovation21: A model trustee

New York City: Greener than the 'burbs?

When we picture a jungle, we think of a lush green environmentally friendly carbon sequestering ecosystem.

Tales from Peru: How many cobs fit in a pot?

Costa Rica: Social Change, One Cup at a Time

Going to bars or clubs before they open is always strange: music is loudly thumping, lights are moving festively across walls and floors and bartenders are standing at the ready with bottles open and kegs tapped.

Newark, NJ: Kiva’s newest Kiva City!

Kenneth, Kiva Zip and Klean Energy

Kenneth holds up his kerosene lantern and proudly says, “I won’t need this one anymore!” He wipes the dust off the table and asks us to sit down. We follow his offer and start listening to his story.


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