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Nerdfighters, Hiddlestoners, and Detroiters: UNITE!

"Balloon Flower" by Koons

A small business is a small business is a small business...

Statue of Liberty

Life Under a Mosquito Net

Life under a mosquito net is anything but ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

How Do You Find a Borrower in Rural Kosovo?

Here’s a pop quiz question: how do you find a borrower in rural Kosovo?

How about when no one has their address, and the loan officer handling their case has left the microfinance partner organization you’re working with?

PEJIBAYE: The sustainable management of natural resources

In response to the lack of food, a small community in rural Nicaragua develops new ways to use a fruit that in the past was wasted. As part of my visits to the field in Nicaragua, a Kiva borrower is part of training sessions in which new food preparations are taught to women of different communities. 

Malawi - The Warm Heart of Africa

Sunset at Cape Maclear

Five Things I Didn't Know About Kenya

One of the best parts of the Kiva Fellowship is the anticipation while awaiting the location of your placement, which could be nearly anywhere Kiva loans are available. Wouldn’t it be great to stroll by the Taj Mahal on the way to work, gallop on horseback through the plains of Mongolia, or take in a sunset on a Samoan beach?

Then on a beautiful July afternoon, I almost physically jumped for joy when offered the opportunity to work in Kiva Zip’s Nairobi office. Having spent a few days in Kenya a few years ago, I relished the chance to return and get to know it better.

Here are some things I learned about Kenya the second time around.

Historic Day for Indonesia

This past Monday, October 20th, I celebrated with tens of thousands of Indonesians in Jakarta to welcome their 7th President, Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, as he’s affectionately called.

Another man's treasure: Resourcefulness in Kenya

Resourcefulness is perhaps the most essential trait for any entrepreneur.  In Nairobi’s Kibera district, the largest slum in Africa, that trait is apparent everywhere you look.  In an environment where most residents earn no more than $2/day, resourcefulness is the means for survival, and entrepreneurship a vessel for hope. 

120 Borrowers in 120 Minutes

Microlending in Action


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