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Syrian refugees find new hope with crowdfunded loans

Imagine that one quarter of your country’s population is made up of refugees living in informal camps. That’s the reality in Lebanon today.

$1 billion in change: How Kiva went from nonprofit startup to global force for good

Kiva just hit $1 billion in life-changing loans to people around the world! This is the first in a two-part series tracing Kiva’s path from nonprofit startup to nonprofit unicorn pushing the boundaries of lending.

One woman brewing change in Africa, and beyond

She exudes passion and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a calm, steady resolve and a thick skin that allows her to succeed, defying society’s traditional expectations for a woman in the male-dominated coffee industry.

Sowing seeds in the sky: Tinyfield ‘Roofhop’ Farm grows community and organic greens

Keely discovered that New York City’s rooftops are great places to grow organic greens and hops, and create community around urban organic farming.

At just 23, Rwandan borrower’s biofuel has propelled him onstage with Obama, and more

Jean Bosco developed his own biofuel prototype that caught the attention of many influential people - including former President Obama.

Three sisters become fish farming pioneers

3 sisters are united by the same vision for their fish farm, the first of its kind in their district in Zimbabwe, and a strong work ethic.

How an ex-trader is helping girls of color unleash their financial power

At just 23 years old, Chloe is the founder and CEO of BlackFem, a non-profit venture capital firm that teaches financial literacy to women and girls of color in under-served communities.

A farmer’s words of wisdom for young girls: ‘Life without education is like a plant without water’

Like farmers across southern Africa, Cynthia is worried about the drought. The region is experiencing one of the driest years in decades, and the lack of rain is all the farmers in her rural Zimbabwe community are talking about.

Born in a refugee camp, now designing her own collections in NYC

When Abaynesh, a designer in New York, fulfilled her dream of creating her own eyewear brand, she named it Jembere in honor of her roots.

A farmer rebuilds again, as a refugee in her own land

Leila is constantly smiling, and beams with pride when talking about her farm. But behind her sunny exterior, she carries a story of extreme hardship and perseverance.


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