- Jess, Lender

The first time I called a borrower just after he fully funded, I could hear how Pablo was unable to contain the pride and happiness. He told me didn't think he would make it. He was at 47% funded with only three days left.

But one of our team members, Jonathan, had pulled through for him and the Kiva community managed to get Pablo fully funded just before the deadline. When I met Pablo in person at the Kiva NYC Launch last December, he pulled me into a bear hug and thanked us for giving him the opportunity. "You are all beautiful people," he told me. "Everybody was so enthusiastic. I'm recommending this platform to my friends. I'm gonna stay very involved."

That's when I realized that Kiva is more than an organization that supports entrepreneurs. Kiva builds community. Kiva is transformative. Kiva helps people help themselves, and that inspires a dignity and pride that is hard to shake.


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