"The wonders of Kiva"

- Maria, Cool Hope Ice Cream

Since early on in my life I have being known as a bit of a planner, obsessive at times. I agree with this description and have embraced it as such! I strongly believe that one can be born as a creative spirit, who sees opportunity in the bleakest of moments.

With this in mind my husband and I decided to embark then again in a new adventure. This time an entrepreneurial adventure! An Ice Cream Food Truck with the name of Cool Hope Ice Cream. My planning skills and the creative spirit that characterizes my husband Tichín and me, were put to the task.

While I was developing the business plan I encountered a few challenges to gather the funds necessary to expand my food trucks kitchen and modernize the interior design of the truck. Both things necessary to be in optimum condition to operate a successful business up to the communities standards and desserts needs.

In the earlier stages of our business we joined a local organization called Food Truck Republic. This organization is composed of local food truck owners who serve as support and sponsor for new and up and coming food trucks. We felt lucky to have found a place in such a close knitted community. As part of the support given by Food Truck Republic, they introduced us to the wonders of Kiva!

In a time where personal and business loans are at a low, in terms of approval, Kiva came into our lives. Now what seemed as a strenuous process became a family activity. With great illusion I created my Kiva profile and that of Cool Hope Ice Cream. There I poured my heart and soul in order to share with the Kiva community why I love this Industry and why they should love it too!

First I shared the Kiva link with my family. Then sure enough I shared the profile with the Kiva community and they responded! I am FULLY funded as of June 2016.

Thank you Kiva Community!


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About the author

Kathinka K. Nakstad

Kathinka moved to San Francisco to pursue her BBA degree, with a major in marketing. Being form Norway, she time to time misses the different seasons (especially winters with snow). One of her hobbies consists of finding a part of a city and explore it for a whole day. Checking out cool boutiques, and the best places to eat. Two of her favorite places to visit are Budapest and Vienna. No wonder her dream job would be to travel the world and write about the places she visits.