"The Kiva lending program has definitely helped me get ahead!"

- Ryan, Mitty's Metal Art

The Kiva lending program has definitely helped me get ahead! With the funding, I’ve been able to expand my blacksmith metal art studio to include a storefront. The storefront provides a venue to showcase and sell my products. I invited local artisan and craftspeople to join the storefront as a venue for them to sell and market their products. I was able to hire a local marketing expert to design my logo and overall brand.

My website received a makeover too! I now sell directly from my website and for those featured in the storefront. And with the Kiva loan, I purchased additional tooling for the blacksmith studio. Daily you will find me and my mentor in the studio which has turned into an attraction for our small historic town Cumberland Gap, TN. And, a bonus, I’m able to share the space with locals who want to learn the art of blacksmithing. Many thanks to Kiva and my lenders!


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