"The experience was awesome"

- Tracey, Savannah Sauce Company

My name is Tracey Richburg, I live in Savannah, Georgia.

My business is Savannah Sauce Company. Savannah Sauce Company was started by accident! We were vacationing and went to a shrimp and grits festival and bought some sauce from a couple selling their sauces. We bought some and purchased one of the couple's distributorships. We repeatedly asked if they could meet the demand for product, and they insisted that they could. Quality became an issue, and we were forced to terminate the business relationship. From there we created our own line of signature sauces. My Kiva loan was used to purchase inventory. 

The Kiva experience was awesome. It was excitement - stressful and then euphoric. I would not change the experience! My advice to future Kiva borrowers is to be true and think of others when you form your business; it's its own reward.

Kiva is on the brink of something massive. Kiva is changing the way finance operates. Kiva employs non-discriminatory practices relative to race, gender, and age. What a world we have the potential to build!


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