"Something I could not pass up"

- Meyta, Go-Streatery

Hi Everyone,

My name is Meyta Saetern and I live in Oakland, CA. My business is Go-Streatery. Please check us out at www.gostreatery.com.

How did I find out about Kiva? I needed money and I needed it quick. I didn’t know how long it would take for me to reach my goal of 10k but I knew that to get a jump start on my dreams, it was worth a shot.

A couple years ago, I found myself lost and frustrated at the position that I held. I was working for someone else and I no longer felt challenged, it was tormenting. However, it was not until I made up my mind to step out on my own did the opportunity to take over Go-Streatery present itself to me. I was thrilled to say the least. Unfortunately, I did not have 150k laying around to buy the business. Even so, I knew this was something that I could not pass up so after much thought I asked the owner to allow me to rent her business until I can come up with enough money.

Getting her to say “yes” was the easy part. Now, I needed capital to run the business; rent the commissary, buy supplies and pay staff. What was there to lose? I took a deep breath, filled out the application and promoted my Kiva account to everyone I knew. When it went public, I wasn’t sure If I would ever be ready for that but I braced myself and continue to positively promote my story.

Fortunately for me, the friendly staff at Kiva kept constant updates on my account and continue to provide support throughout. Then, to my surprise, a month later I was rewarded with a loan of 10k! I mean, seriously I never thought that there was a community of amazing, generous and supportive friends, family and lenders out there ready and eager to lend me money. Not to mention that almost all of them, I’ve never met. I am so grateful that there is a company such as Kiva for budding entrepreneur like myself. I just can not thank them enough!


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