"Second chances never tasted so good"

Seth, Prison Bars

Several months ago, we were fortunate to become a small part of the Kiva U.S. program for the first time when we applied for a $10,000 loan. From the initial moment we connected with the Kiva staff and opened enlightening conversations with you, our Kiva lenders, we knew the Kiva community was something special.

Prison Bars passion is to create criminally delicious snack foods using non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic ingredients while building our pipeline of talented employees from the best and the brightest individuals, including those who have previously found their way into the prison system and need a second chance. We are deeply committed to producing a delicious, nutritious product while helping formerly incarcerated individuals integrate back into society as law-abiding, tax-paying, productive citizens and neighbors.

Kiva has been critical in the development and success of Prison Bars – from the inception, through the taste testing and now the commercial product launch. From hand-made production to retail distribution-ready, the support and advice of the entire Kiva community has helped us get through some of the most challenging times that all entrepreneurs and growing companies face at some point in their growth and development.

The Kiva community has helped us answer questions like “is this worth pursuing?”, “does anybody care?”, “does a roasted peanut cranberry coconut snack bar actually taste good?”. The Kiva community has been invaluable and we’ve been lucky to be part of it.

I’ve always wanted Prison Bars to be a company that demonstrates redemption, second chances, hard work, good choices, and giving back. I’m absolutely convinced that getting Prison Bars in stores and being able to fulfill our mission would not have been possible without the Kiva program and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. At Prison Bars, second chances never tasted so good!

Thank you for being with us along this journey.


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