"Rock and ROLL!"

– Trueman, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

My name is Trueman McGee. I am head roll master at Funky Fresh Spring Rolls!! I live in Milwaukee, WI, and we are spreading the word about this Rocking new product we have ... Funky Fresh Spring Rolls!!

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are grilled non-traditional gourmet spring rolls made with fresh and local ingredients. They are never deep fried but grilled with healthier oils. My business came as a need for healthier options when looking for quality meals. 6 years ago I was at a crossroad in my life. I was laid off and desperately need change. I started a fitness after a lifestyle change of mine and saw during my sessions as a personal trainer that people needed quality food as well. I made a sweet potato+black bean burrito which turned into a spring roll. I made 5,000 spring rolls that year (2013). This year we are on base to hit 50K spring rolls!

I used my Kiva loan from 2016 to purchase a commercial van to haul equipment and used it to get all the permits and licenses for all the farmers markets in 2016.

Life is an ongoing lesson. I would encourage anyone reading this to continue to learn about your craft, be a sponge when talking to people who has walked your path. Don't you ever dare giving up! Sound so cliché, but its beyond true. We all have those moment when we feel overwhelmed and can't imagine getting through tough times. Trust that if another human being has gotten throuoh it you can too! These are things I'm sure everyone has heard but should also apply in their life!

What Kiva has done to me is gave me the opportunity to further my business with a loan, 0% interest, give me a platform to grow, and share my story. Who can I send spring rolls too?? LOL


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