"Our experience has done everything to assure us that we can do it"

- Rochell & Veronica, SoulGoodSoulFood

We are two sisters from Philadelphia who one day decided to start a soul food catering business. We started 10 years ago by selling dinner platters because it was hard to find the kind of good food our parents made for us growing up. We thought maybe others felt the same way as we did so we made it a point to give people what we thought would be good soul food, and it's been a hit ever since! When we speak of soul food, we speak about fried chicken, collard greens, yams, macaroni & cheese, fish -- things like that! After the first 7 years into it, everyone started asking us to cater. We didn't know if we could handle it because it was a much bigger task to do, including transporting food that is already cooked. We have been able to impress everyone that has used our services so far. We have been doing great catering weddings, parties, endgame dinners, baby showers, and graduations. We just recently were asked to do brunch so we have also taken that on as well, making anything from scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles, home fries, salmon balls, pancakes, grits, and so much more!

We were able to use the Kiva loan to purchase many of our serving trays for catering and also business cards. We were able to get our logo on the shirts that we wear when we are catering and selling our dinner platters.

We recommend for anyone to apply for this loan when they don't have all the funds up front. It helps to get so many of the things they may need to get them started in any business.

Our experience with everything that we set out to do has done everything to assure us that we can do it, and we've been able to do everything we set out to do. We are very thankful for everything that was done for us by so many people all over the world when it was time to lend to SOULGOODSOULFOOD. We are pleased as well to have donated to others as people have done for us when the time came because they started out just as we did.

We hope one day to open a storefront to do everything we need to do with much more space and hopefully add a section to host engagement parties, weddings, and other services that are needed when looking for a space to rent for an event.

To the Kiva team -- we really appreciate everything you've done for us @SOULGOODSOULFOOD and also for taking the time out to help us with any and all concerns we had on the way to leading up to the loan. And thank you for taking the time to hear our stories and concerns -- most of all just taking a chance on us. Just all-around awesome people! Thank you, thank you!


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