"Kiva was fundamental to getting our business off the ground."

- Dora & Deirdre, 52nd Street Market - Entrepreneurs & Trustees

My name is Dora Walmsley. In 2014, Deirdre Kane and I opened the 52nd Street Market in our home neighborhood, Lawrenceville, PA. Our mission is to provide healthy, affordable, and minimally processed grocery staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods to our community. Living in a neighborhood that’s rapidly gentrifying, we also wanted to create a space that was inclusive and could bring people together over the common love for good food.

Kiva was fundamental to getting our business off the ground. The capital from our loan helped us purchase our point of sale, which was absolutely necessary to having a successful launch. The loan also helped cover the expenses to get our business website operational.

Since paying off the loan, we've been able to serve as a Trustee to two other businesses located in our neighborhood. Kiva has given us the ability to 'pay it forward' and help other local businesses flourish as well. Supporting our community is a major part of our core values and Kiva has enabled us to do so easily.

Through the Kiva network, we now have several different opportunities to serve the community that supports us. Knowing that we are not only working to achieve our own goals but uplifting others along the way, provides inspiration and momentum when the going gets tough as it does on occasion for any small business owner.

We hope that members of Kiva’s international community will look up the 52nd Street Market and pay us a visit when you’re in Pittsburgh! 

Our advice to potential Kiva borrowers is -- you can do this! There is a wealth of free resources and eager entrepreneurs out there - take advantage of this community and collaborate. Don't be afraid to seek out advice, best practices, or simply someone to vent to. We're all rooting for your success!

Thank you, Kiva Team, for all your work encouraging others to support entrepreneurship and for your efforts fostering community among small business owners!


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