"Just try"

- Melissa, Salty Sweet

My name is Melissa Cohen. I have a company called Salty Sweet, and we make cookies. I heard about Kiva when I started talking to Spencer last November, and I wasn’t sure if I should go forward because I didn’t feel like I was ready. He said “Oh- just try, just do it!”

I was really amazed with how easy they made it to get your information on there and to get started. I just sort of put it out there thinking “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” but it funded really quickly. The thing I took away from it was that it was amazing that people who didn’t know me from other parts of the world wanted to help and just how easy the site makes it to raise money and get experience with paying back every month and all those things that go along with getting a loan. So, I’m looking forward to doing another one some day. 


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