"Hold on to your dreams!"

- Wendy, Thomas Threes Preschool

My name is Wendy and I’m from the Jamaica West Indies. I started a daycare preschool called Thomas Threes Preschool.

I decided to start this business because it was so hard for me to find a good babysitter, work full time, and go to school as well. It became my life inspiration. Given my experience raising my own kids and educating them at home, I know I can make a difference for other parents.

Hold on to your dreams! Just when I thought I was at rock bottom, I was introduced to the Kiva team. People there were pleasant and brilliant team players. I used the Kiva loan to purchase an activity table and a new cubby in my preschool.  I also purchased new age-appropriate books for the students in my school.

To the Kiva team that supported me, I say thank you all for your commitment and for the professional standards you guys hold.


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