"Eureka moment in the shower creates more space for everybody"

– Patrick, Curvi

I'm Patrick the Inventor.  I'm a 6'3" guy taking a normal shower and rather annoyed by the shower curtain.  Why hasn't this been solved, I wondered? 

Naturally, my Eureka moment came while standing in the shower. Curtain folds! I dried off and started cutting and folding sheets of thin plastic. I self-taught myself some of the ancient techniques of Origami. From my small apartment in Manhattan's Lower East Side, I agonized over an endless number of folding methods, materials, and designs. All failures! But I didn't give up. Eventually -- two years, actually -- I found the perfectly balanced shape. I taped six of them to a shower liner. They worked! The simple force of gravity creates a soft natural curve. 

Curvi was accepted by giant online retailers Amazon Launchpad, Wayfair, and Houzz. But they require all my inventory to be produced, insured, and warehoused (ready-to-ship) before they issue purchase orders. They also only pay on a "net 30" or "net 60" basis. So between the time I order from and pay my factory and the time the units arrive here in the USA, are in a qualified warehouse ready to ship, get sold, and I collect revenue ... up to 180 days can go by. I need help financing a few hundred units for this initial inventory.

My advice to potential borrowers is: Never give up! People would laugh when I'd tell them I was working on making a better shower curtain. 


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Kathinka K. Nakstad

Kathinka moved to San Francisco to pursue her BBA degree, with a major in marketing. Being form Norway, she time to time misses the different seasons (especially winters with snow). One of her hobbies consists of finding a part of a city and explore it for a whole day. Checking out cool boutiques, and the best places to eat. Two of her favorite places to visit are Budapest and Vienna. No wonder her dream job would be to travel the world and write about the places she visits.