"Empower people to live authentically"

- Myisha, Sex for Life LLC

My name is Myisha Battle, and I own Sex for Life, LLC in San Francisco, CA. I became an entrepreneur after getting my Masters in Psychology and becoming a certified sex coach. These two credentials allow me to work with clients individually or in relationships. During grad school I started a podcast called Down for Whatever which is also under the umbrella of Sex for Life, LLC.

I got my business idea after realizing that I didn't want to get my PhD in Psychology only to come out and work specifically with people in need of help with their sex and dating lives. Sex coaching is a way for me to do this work and make a huge impact on people's lives. The mission of Sex For Life, LLC is to enhance understanding of the multitude of ways in which gender and sexuality are expressed in order to empower people to live authentically, free from sexual guilt and shame. Through sex coaching and my sex-positive podcast, I provide accurate sexual information, instill pride in difference, and encourage the quest for sexual satisfaction no matter a person’s race, gender, orientation, ability or age.

I heard about Kiva in my previous life as a grant administrator for a cultural exchange nonprofit in NYC. I learned about the great work Kiva was doing abroad so when I saw banners in San Francisco for Kiva's local initiative, I was excited to learn if it could work for me.

Like many Kiva borrowers, I used part of the Kiva loan to pay off existing personal debt which has helped me stay afloat during this early stage of my business development. I also used the money for professional photos, advertising and to cover the expenses for a female sexual wellness workshop I recently co-facilitated here in SF called Lust for Life. Because the first run was such a success, we will soon be offering this workshop on a regular basis.

My experience with Kiva thus far has been very supportive. Throughout the process of applying for and receiving my Kiva loan, my business was treated like anyone else's. Searching for resources as a sexual wellness professional felt fraught with judgement, which was hard to handle as I was trying to plant the seeds for a successful business. With Kiva, I felt that I was received with curiosity and encouragement and that has helped me keep my focus.

If I could speak to anyone considering becoming a Kiva borrower, I would tell them that the beginning stage of launching any business is daunting and sometimes can feel like you’re on your own. When you get funded by a community of your peers as well as total strangers all over the world, it really makes you feel like people believe in your business as much as you do and that can be the one thing that keeps you going day-to-day.

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