Crowdfunding with Kiva

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Private and Public Fundraising on Kiva


On Kiva, your loan is crowdfunded $25 at a time by individuals in your community and around the world.

There are two parts to your funding campaign: Private and Public


Private Funding Period

Public Funding Period

Lasts up to 15 days

Lasts up to 30 days

Your loan is visible to only people in your community so they can vouch for you and your business

Your loan is visible to the entire Kiva lender community worldwide

Each loan acts as a character reference as well as fundraising

General fundraising

You are solely responsible for getting the word out about your loan

You are posted publicly to the Kiva site to help you get the word out, in addition to your own efforts

When you submit your application, the team at Kiva Headquarters reviews your loan and determines the number (between 10-35) of lenders you need during the Private Funding Period. This is based on things like your loan size, credit score, how long you’ve been in business, and the quality of your photo and narrative section.

Once your loan is accepted, your community will have up to 15 days to show their support on the platform in Private Funding. By lending you $25 on the platform, your friends, family and customers each vouch for you and your business. They are saying “I believe in this business, and other lenders should too!”

As soon as you reach your required number of supporters, your loan automatically transitions to Public Funding. Now your community and the Kiva community will have up to 30 days to fund the rest of your loan, $25 at a time.

Between your communication with your own community and the Kiva community, the success of your loan is determined by the wisdom of the crowd, so show the crowd you’re worth it!

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