Community spotlights

We had no prospects of getting a traditional loan from a bank when we were starting up this farm.

We've grown quickly, with our wonderful Kiva community cheering us on the whole time.

Mr. Van Leuwen took a chance on a 14-year old kid set off the journey that is now a worldwide brand.

I have re-found my passion to build my business back to where I left it years ago.

Now, as I step into a new pair of boots, the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) and Kiva has already helped me settle in!

My experience with Kiva has been life-changing and eye-opening.

Volunteering as an Advisor with Kiva has connected me to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, Kiva helps in ways you never expect.

Relentless determination is amazing to me. And the entrepreneurs I lend to or work with personally at Kiva have it. 


We struggled with what we felt was an inherent ‘no’ built into investment laws written in another era.

Kiva Zip has been an amazing resource to help provide capital people sorely need.

I truly believed in Hannah and wanted to help in any way that I could.