"A trusted ally"

- Jeff, Lender

I first heard about Kiva Zip several years ago as this new platform to help entrepreneurs access capital for their small businesses. As a business consultant working with many different types of businesses with various financing needs, I am always open to and looking for new ways to help entrepreneurs achieve success through financing.

So I gave it a try. Little did I know at the time that Kiva Zip would become such a trusted ally in providing much needed capital to small business owners who in their current economic situations might otherwise not have an opportunity to start or grow their businesses due to lack of capital.

As I mentioned earlier, I work with all types of businesses and at various stages in their business cycle. For those clients who are established, or the owners are well positioned to get financing for their businesses, I have many options to help find the capital they are looking for. But for a good number of them, who are not established, or well positioned to receive capital from traditional banking institutions, Kiva Zip has been an amazing resource to help provide capital they sorely need.

I look forward to a continued wonderful partnership!


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Kathinka K. Nakstad

Kathinka moved to San Francisco to pursue her BBA degree, with a major in marketing. Being form Norway, she time to time misses the different seasons (especially winters with snow). One of her hobbies consists of finding a part of a city and explore it for a whole day. Checking out cool boutiques, and the best places to eat. Two of her favorite places to visit are Budapest and Vienna. No wonder her dream job would be to travel the world and write about the places she visits.