Proudly Present Our Partner: Microcred China

Microcred China’s main office is in the Nanchong City Hall area. This is the street view in front of the office.

Happy Holidays! This is the most grateful season in the year and I would like to share how grateful I am while working with our first Field Partner in China.

From a commercial banker’s point of view, I was very impressed by Microcred China because they carry solid banking standards into microfinance practices. In other words, they bank for good and really make a difference. Moreover, Microcred China is a good company to work for and the facts speak for themselves:

1. MicroCred China was founded in Nanchong of Sichuan province in 2007 as the very first foreign-owned Microfinance Institution in China.

2. Over 14 branches with total employees of 240 and are still counting.

3. 40% of staffs are female and average age is 30. Staff turnover rate is below 10%.

4. Helped and supported over 80,000 micro entrepreneurs (mainly farmers and small business owners).  30% of borrowers are female. 

During the borrower visit, I realized account officers at Microcred really put time and efforts to support borrowers. We visited a Kiva borrower and his name is Bolin. Although Bolin lives in a remote village and uses Kiva loan for rice farming, his account officer often contacts him and provides extra cares to make sure the loan improve his life. For instance, the account officer finds best farming tools for Bolin and both have frequent conversation about farming progress. When we finished the visit, I can see the confidence and hope from Bolin’s eyes!

We visited Kiva borrower, Bolin, in his house. He proudly showed us his harvest and his farming plan for next 3 years. I was really impressed by his confidence and how Kiva loan helps to pursue his dream.

Therefore, I concluded that: Love (Kiva + Microcred) = Happy (Borrowers + Staffs)

Staffs in Microcred China are so talented and it is really my pleasure to work with them!

About the author

David Tsai

Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, David has always been fascinated by cross-cultural experiences. He went to college at UC Berkeley and worked as a commercial banker for five years in Southern California and a placement in Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan. Prior to joining Kiva as a Fellow, he went to Japan to earn his MBA at Waseda University and then worked with B Current Impact Investment to promote impact-investing practice in Taiwan. David is passionate about the field of financial inclusion and is very excited to bring values to Kiva community and be the change.