My experience as a Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico

Entering my last week as a Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico, I want to share some insights as to what my experience has been like.

What surprised me the most is the number of amazing people I’ve met since I arrived, and the friendships built these past few months. I came here with no expectations, only with the desire to spend my time in a project that would contribute to another person’s dreams.

I can’t thank enough to Denisse Rodríguez, Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico, for welcoming me so open heartedly. More than a colleague, I found a friend from whom I’ve learned a lot both personally and professionally. I’m also grateful to the community of Kiva borrowers and trustees in Puerto Rico, for making my job so easy! It was a pleasure to work with people committed to the betterment of Puerto Rico.

Here with most of Kiva borrowers during last Sunday's Marketplace activity

A special shout out to my friends at Foundation for Puerto Rico, Centro para Emprendedores, ConPRmetidos, Inversión Cultural, for making work fun and becoming my family during these last 4 months. You are all doing an amazing job and wish lots of success!

I encourage anyone interested in becoming a Kiva Fellow to apply here and join the Puerto Rico team! And of course, please support Puerto Rican entrepreneurs with a Kiva loan here:

About the author

Paula Vega

Paula Vega is from San Jose, Costa Rica. She studied Economics and is recently pursuing a Master's degree at United Nations mandated University for Peace in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development, and the Kiva Fellowship will serve as the internship requirement to complete the MA. After her undergraduate, she worked at University of Costa Rica's Research Institute in Economics as Research Assistant and later worked 5 years at Procter & Gamble in finance and accounting roles. There she worked with Mexico and Andino markets providing advice on marketing expenses and recognition policy, as Brazil's general ledger business support to the country's general manager. During her last year at P&G, she was the forecaster and budget comptroller of Latin America's Project Implementations division, successfully hitting the targets. After Kiva, she looks forward to returning to Costa Rica and working towards finding common ground between private, public and NGO sector to decrease poverty.