expands to Ghana with new partnership: Kraban Support Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Kraban Support Foundation in Ghana:Kraban Support Foundation is a local development-oriented NGO with the aim of eradicating rural poverty through community education. The organization deeply shares a philosophy of commitment to help fight poverty by facilitating improved quality of human life in the communities we operate in in Ghana. Our mission is to develop innovative strategies and programs that enhance the capacity and productivity of vulnerable groups in our target deprived communities. Kraban Support Foundation's ultimate aim is to operate to enhance the access of small-scale entrepreneurs to sustainable financial services. The organization accomplishes this through strong and viable Cooperative Savings and Credit Societies (CSCS). The NGO facilitates savings-deposits and offers small-scale loans in addition to business development services in a cost effective and sustainable manner. To provide lending, Kraban retails credit to clients in a linkage banking arrangement. However, the responsibility for loan appraisal and approval, entering into loan agreements, disbursement and loan recovery solely rest with our organization. Kraban sensitizes community-based groups through its Training, Education and Credit for Health (TEACH) methodology. We are very excited to give our lenders the opportunity to fund businesses in Ghana through Kraban Support Foundation, and we look forward to seeing the businesses on the website this coming week.

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